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DUI Lawyer Fairburn
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DUI Arrest Cases:

Alcohol Intoxication
Narcotics or Drug Intoxication                       
Improper Field Sobriety Tests
Illegal Stops
Driver's License Suspension
DUI Accidents & Collisions
Minors Involved In DUIs
Pedestrian Accidents Involving DUIs
Breath or Chemical Test Challenges


When you or someone you love is arrested for a DUI, it is a traumatizing experience for everyone involved. There is so much going on all at once, it is difficult to think straight, but it is important to start immediately protecting your rights. Do not feel intimidated by your situation. Even after an arrest, you still have rights. When you or a loved one is injured in a car accident you need a lawyer who will examine every aspect of your case. Our focus from the immediate onset will be defending your rights and freedom to the maximum extent that the law allows. You need an aggressive DUI lawyer in Fairburn on your side.

We will work fiercely on your behalf to negate all the charges you are currently facing. With our depth of experience, we know exactly what areas to challenge, investigate and pursue. We are available to walk your through this and start minimizing the possible negative outcomes. We can answer all of your questions and will be right by your side in the courtroom. Many defendants do no even realize that DUI arrests are not open and shut cases. There is so much to consider and weigh. Having an experienced DUI defense attorney is imperative to fully protecting yourself and livelihood. Our rigorous preparation and detailed investigative techniques give us a distinct legal advantage in comparison to many other local attorneys. Our personalized approach will help to ease your mind and give you comfort through this very difficult time. When you put your trust in Jones & Associates, you are in good hands. We are local Fairburn DUI defense attorneys ready to take on case today!

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There are lawyers trying to solicit new clients everywhere you look. So how do you know who to choose? Experience, expertise and a proven track record are critical when selecting an attorney. At Jones & Associates we pride ourselves on the impeccable reputation we have built in the community and our record of success in the courtroom. When it comes to having an effective DWI defense, you need to have the right lawyer by your side. We are standing by to take your call and start immediately defending you against your DUI or DWI charges. Call us now!
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